So I’ve recently noticed a guy about my age walking his pretty husky around my neighborhood. Cute pup, conventionally attractive looking guy from a distance anyway. Cool.

This morning as I was walking down my block, I spotted him again. He crossed the street in front of me and headed up the front steps of the house I’d just passed.

Turns out he’s far more than conventionally attractive and also seems quite nice, and he lives just a few doors down from me.

Here we go..

Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there- please don't be a dick to someone if they confess their feelings to you. Even if the person is the same gender as you and thats not your thing. That is fine. What is not fine is being disgusted and mean to that person. Especially when it probably took them a long time to get the balls to do it. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here but seriously if you don't like someone just let them down easy.

Tomorrow I will try and take action.

Nothing particularly brave or daring about it; rather, the cards may fall in just the right way as to provide an opportunity without being blatant or involving much risk.

To be honest, I don't hold high hopes, but this will probably be as good an opportunity as I'll ever have any time soon to definitively find out.

I love you

I know you love me too

You're just better at ignoring it than I am

I can't blame you for not letting me back into your heart

I was the one who caused this, after all

I was stupid

You deserve better than me

Just know that I never stopped loving you

I am    EXTREMELY tired of being lonely

Thank you, for showing me emotions that I never knew existed.

I want to be there for you, give you space but be there. I want to snuggle with you since it’s getting cold. I want to hold your hand because you get cold easily. I want to facetime with you just because I miss you. But you don’t see me like that, you don’t even know how much I feel for you.


I have been so attached to being single that it has become part of my personality; being "alone" (in no sense but the romantic, but still) is as natural for me as the feeling of my feet in the heeled boots that I wear every day. I've coasted through casual hookups, led men on, been a generally snakey person, and loved it. The last time I had a boyfriend was in high school, five years ago.

You know all this, because I told you, without mask or reservation, as we lay together on your ridiculous endearing floor mattress (the fault of the stairs to your loft room) at three in the morning needing to sleep but refusing to stop talking to each other.

I don't understand this but somehow I don't have to. It makes sense without scrutiny or explanation or picking apart every detail the way I've been so accustomed to for as long as I can remember. I get off the train and there you are grinning at me like you're a six year old on Christmas, and my hamster-wheel brain exhales.

The first time we kissed-- not even two weeks ago, how on earth-- you shook, palpably, and when I leaned my head on your chest your heart was racing, and I wanted to sink into you and stay there.

So many guys-- some wonderful, some womanizing, some who wanted to show me off and some who wrote me love letters-- have tried to claim me and I never let myself be caught but--

But you tell me that you want to know everything about me. You see the totally weird, manic, neurotic, full-of-energy-but-vindictive-but-effervescent-but-vain human being (human being? maybe no longer robot?) that's in there inside of the pretty blonde first impression, and you not only see her but you seem to really, really like her.

And that kind of blows my mind.

I don't know if you'll ever read this and I don't know how long this improbable magnetism between us will last but you've made my heart feel like the house in Up (thanks for showing me that movie, by the way; it's fantastic) and I just really wanted to thank you for that.

So. Thank you. Times ten million. I can't wait to see you again.


At my university many people walk their dogs on campus. Its a pretty common occurrence seeing a variety of breeds and their owners.

Over the span of a few weeks I've noticed a woman. She wears a pink jacket, and her puppy, a chocolate lab, wears a matching leash/harness. She orders a coffee from a little white food truck, and her dog sits obediently by her side. I pass by them frequently and always say hello to her.

I smile at the puppy but i never pet it. I don't want to impose myself or intrude, so i go about my business.

Today though, was different. I went through my usual routine of grabbing coffee and breakfast, then heading across campus to my typical work spot in the anthropology department.

Walking along the sidewalk i see the woman and her dog. The puppy looks at me, forcing itself to stop before the woman looks curiously at me, then back to her dog.

"She wants you to pet her. I think she's saying hi!" The woman smiles as i light up. I coo as the dog looks at me with big eyes before nuzzling my hand

"I always wanted to pet her. I didnt wanna be rude, and just randomly come up." She laughs before saying thats why they come to campus. She tells me her name, and motions. "Thats Bailey!" I introduce myself before patting her head. "You're welcome to stop us anytime. We see you alot, and i think bailey sensed something too." I laughed before wishing them a good morning.

It made my day, and even now that i typed it, my heart is so happy. I never understood appreciating small things until moments like these. Its an amazing feeling.