When I look at you, my soul lights up. You make me smile, laugh and want to be the best version of me. I am ready to love someone and that someone is you.

So i just accidentaly liked his instagram pic from a year ago, time to throw my whole phone away.

Don’t smother aspects of her personality. Don’t quiet her opinions or her strength or her freedom. Don’t make it seem as though she has to manipulate her insides to be fitting to you. Admire her as she is or let her be.

I think I found this website ten years ago.

so here's the advice I wish I'd had ten years ago:

  • when a good guy cares about you, he doesn't leave room for doubt.
  • if you're not sure if he's really a good guy, look less at what he says and more at what he does.
  • and finally, with a good guy, you don't have to choose between your goals and your relationship. because he'll want to help you reach them.

(in case you couldn't tell, I fell in love with a good guy in those ten years. and it may not feel like it now, but you will too.)

we're not even together and you make me wanna change my life for the better

it hurts a lot. I don’t even know how to explain it. you said that I’m special. I thought you cared about me. so why?

It's actually ridiculous how much I think about you

I like you

I'm telling you soon

i like you.

scratch that, i probably love you. and i've waited so long, for absolutely no reason. you can't understand how annoying it can be to overthink any single crap, and i'm just so tired of it. i love you, and whatever happens after i confess is beyond me, but it's okay. i don't want to live with the what if's and what it could've been's for the rest of my life. i love you, and that's all.

Having been here since 2010, I have been able to record my best moments and worst fears, my desperate midnight thoughts, and dreams.

Thanks for being here, LTC.