Things I'd like to do with you, if the opportunity arose (that we haven't yet done):

- Walk around a museum or gallery, talking about what we see and absorbing the beauty of everything.

- Spend an afternoon in the park, reading and eating and drinking.

- Explore a distant place. Marvel in unison.

- Kiss, properly. Kiss and not stop.

- Go to a music festival, enjoy the music together, get a suntan and a little drunk and enjoy some music.

- Hold hands without it being a momentary thing.

Please please please make these things happen.

i can’t believe it. I actually told you, and I got these beautiful words

“Is it bad to say that I feel the same?”

We’re so disgustingly sweet to each other, how are we not dating yet?

Oh yeah, because we’re both terrified of how we feel

Our relationship was a flower waiting to bloom, but the weather was just too bad.

Thursday we adopted a dog together.

I have a happy little family now and I’ve never been happier.

~My Sun, Your Stars

I never got to hold your hand.

When she asks me what I'm thinking about, the answer, though unspeakable, is always you. Or the idea of you. Or the promise of you. Or the feelings you've very purposely made me feel. Something about you, inevitably.

If I can't have you, I want it to stop. I want my stubborn mind to forget about you. I want my merciless, stupid heart to kick you out.

Because falling in love while already in love truly is the lover's worst nightmare; and the mourning of a love unrequited that disturbed a love requited is the loneliest of them all, its tears the most shameful.

People sometimes tell me I look distracted these days.

I make something up, but I want really want to grab them by the shoulders, and shake them as I say to their faces

of course I am, have you seen her, dammit, have you seen her?

March 5, 2018. I shook her hand. She shook my heart, my mind and my life.

You came along out of nowhere, at the worst possible time. Made me question my whole life in a matter of hours. Not as fun as it sounds.

So I knew that with you, it was all or nothing. No mere friendship was or is possible. My feelings for you are way too intense for that.

I knew all that going in, so I went all in. All out. You said we can be friends - no, we can’t. I won’t be mere friends with the woman of my dreams. 

No regrets. I won’t apologize for telling you how amazing you are to me.

But I still yearn for you with indescribable passion.