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1000 letters.

I am in love with the fantasy.

This fantasy of you I've created.

Regardless. Of whether you feel anything for me.

Regardless. If you can actually see me.

I daydream that you do.

I'm in love with the drama of this fantasy.

I've been so unhappy, reaching out instead of inside


My home, where my soft, vulnerable husband sleeps .

I've replaced his lips with yours while tangled up skin to skin with him.

My desire fuelled by the incomplete sensation I carry within.

Imagining things in comments you make when we are alone.

I am sure you only see me as a friendly companion.

Still I read love letters hoping you look at them.

The fantasy is addictive

Strangely liberating although I should be ashamed.

I know I should focus on my partner but I've changed into something he's never known.

He seems so caught up in who I was that he can't see who I am.

My greedy selfish heart addicted to these daydreams about you and me.

Architecture Girl

Even though it was relatively short, it was lovely catching up with you at Starbucks today. 💕

I can't get enough of how lovely your hair was today. It was curly! I've never seen your hair curly before. Is that why we went to Starbucks at 3 instead of Cafe Nero at 2, because you did your hair just for me? 😅

I complimented anyway, and you smiled before you said 'thank you!' 💕

Hearing you talk about things what makes you happy warms my heart. I couldn't stop looking at you. Your face was glowing every time you talk. Your smile is heavenly. I feel so blessed to be beside you. 💕💕💕

I wish you good luck for this semester. I don't know when will be the next time we'll see each other again. I told you that I'd like to do this again with you! A day out with you somewhere! You agreed! I hope we do! Maybe after our semesters...

Take care! And I hope you do well this semester! I'll be missing you always


It doesn't make me feel sad anymore ❤️

Your face was the sunshine I needed on this rainy day.

What emotionally taxing hell is this?

How was your last kiss?

i'm fucked up but i'm not as fucked up as you


i just want to show you what real love feels like.


first loves.

i still compare everyone to you, i think a piece of me will always belong to you.