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1000 letters.

Just so you know, it was about eight years ago today, when I first felt like I might be able to marry you.

Future beloved

I wonder what your handwriting looks like

The Chem Prince

No matter how much my life changes or how much my mind grows, you're always somewhere in the picture. I've been lead back to you more times than either of us can count. Life crazes both you and me to insanity, but somehow we always end up coming back to each other. That is beautiful to me. I am determined for us to not stray this time - oh, won't you stay?

I'll die if you kiss me, I'll die if you don't.

Grab a beer n blast this shit up! It's party by yourself time! >8D

You told me that you had drunkenly slept with my cousin. I played it cool and said that I didn't care. It was your choice and it was before we even met.

So why am I so jealous it wasn't me? I have so many reasons to not be jealous, the biggest one being that you were drunk. So why am I so jealous when I think about you having a fling with her?



I fell for you too quickly, but it wasn't the wrong time, because it wasn't meant to last.

A Senior in College is a REAL FIND.

She just needs to be FOUND amongst all the negative Nancys that leave snarky comments when her SA posts!!!

And this is it, I walked out from your life giving you the Silent Treatment, before the pipe bomb exploded. It's so much better to stay calm and simply ignore. And there you go, stating that you'll be gone for good. I checked out my FB messages to clean up requests and confirmations(*now you're connected with X). And then, I found a folder, you were there in the middle of years old messages, saying farewell. 

Architecture Girl

You finally went back home to your city for Christmas yesterday. I'm actually going to miss you during the break. You not being here, I feel a little sad.

We were both at the Christmas Markets in town yesterday, but we didn't see each other. You sent me a message because of my story of me being there. At least we spoke a little before you left.

I've actually been thinking about visit you during the Christmas break. I really want to, but we'll see.

Have a nice Christmas break!