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Night my love

Rantings of a woman in love

you don't hurt the person you love. but then again, I don't think you ever loved me.

Today I realized I have no classes with you. you don't know that i thought about you every day during the summer and while I wished so much for you to be in one of my classes, i think I'm rather glad I can finally move on. Please dont text me anymore.

Waiting is the worst.

CM, I like you. So who cares its senior year? Who cares we might not work out? I don't even know if we will all make it til tomorrow. All I know, is that you remind me of sunshine, so when school starts I'll try, I'll try my best to get you to know, although I think you already know. But I won't shy away. Not this time.


when I first saw you I thought you looked at me like a sunflower looks at the sun

then I started seing you more frequently, but now you looked at me like a boy looks at his mom.

then we spent days together and the boy had grown, grown to where he didn't find his mom so amusing

we see each other everyday, but I can't say you actually look at me anymore


it's like those big green eyes

have stolen

the fucking universe


When do you let go?

if you were to be scarred

by every dark stain you leave on those hearts

how many marks

would there be upon your skin?


i watch the stars

and i picture in my head

what would it be like to watch you watch them

while you'd realize

you're both the same