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I have bruises on my shins

and black marks on my shoes

my dress it smells of smoke and sweat and alcohol and you


내 가슴 무너지게 그러지 마요

빈틈없는 그대에게 난 무리일까요

텅 빈 맘은 공터인데 머릿속은 터지네

Oh 맘 언제 이렇게 돼버렸나요

Don’t do things that make my heart crumble

I am too much for you, who has no openings?

My empty heart is like an empty lot but my head is bursting

When did my heart become like this?

It's sad when you think you're close with someone when all along, it was basically fake. 

Just got to keep smiling!

theres no one like you. Like us. And the fact that you apparently don’t feel the same way makes me feel like maybe it wasn’t real. Maybe I made it up. Was it all one sided?

Not crush related but:

Anyone else excited for The Incredibles 2?

French Fries Boy, you are one attractive human being


i've been playing soccer for 11 years. i never thought it would bring you to me. i wonder if you remember the story just as vividly as i do. i was just doing what i do best and there you were, the assistant manager for the opposing team. i couldnt keep my eyes off of you, you almost made it impossible for me to play. you looked so handsome in your nike windbreaker and your hair pulled back into a low ponytail with the red beanie. i felt your eyes, or at least i thought i did. i was on your side of the field. you had your biggest player mark me and she knocked me down, kneeing me in my side. my coach ran to my side and you did too. you asked if i was ok and even helped me up. i was out for the rest of the game but I continued to look at you. some of my teammates quickly figured it out and they started teasing me. your team won but i didnt care because i was blessed with the sight of you. as my team gathered to wait for the bus, i walked past you, you didn't say anything at first and i was too scared to say anything. then all of a sudden, you said "good game #29" I stopped in my tracks. i turned to face you and i said thanks and cracked a joke and said thanks for the injury. you laughed and apologized for that. we started having a regular conversation and shockingly we had so much in common. the school bus pulled up for my team and as i gathered my stuff, you asked for my number. You have no idea how hard it was to resist from fangirling. of course i gave it to you and you texted me that evening. now here we are, im your girlfriend now and im so happy. You're the best boyfriend ever. i love everything about you. im so blessed and i can't wait to see what our future holds.

i have been thinking off you too much often

I need his help now

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