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1000 letters.

"You know what's painful? It is when you are holding unto something that never really exist in the first place."

It is really painful to know that i lost the first person i was trying to hold on to during my training days. And more painful to know that i was holding to something that never really exist in the first place..

To my TOOTHPICK, i even followed you here. Guess you won't believe this but this is lit. I was waiting for you the other day to greet me on my special day but you didn't. I know i lost you already but just want you to know that i am very thankful because i met you. Even if it was only short, the memories i had with you remains forever in my heart. You mean the world to me but if He was your world, I am setting you free. I just wished that he will love you more than the love i can give to you. Because you really deserved the best.. I love you and i guess this is goodbye too.

Love (Broke💔)

Walking Stick

Yup, butterflies still there.

The fact that I can’t let go. Does that make me weak?

Before commencing this letter, lettuce being by saying some products do not belong in the vegetable section of the fridge.

Now, let us continue.

Does anyone hereby dismiss the following actions.

  1. I unhinge my jaw
  2. Lean, mean pizzeria holds the funnel
  3. Taking time out from flipping burgers, you can pour gallons of diet mt. dew into said unhinged mouth

It's the leading cause of brain cancer from refreshments, ya know.

Forever hold your peace.

Anyone? No? Okay.

Moving on...

Before wrapping up, on a personal note, I would just like to for one thank sis for the tremendous edibles.

I mean...sis👏got👏that👏dip👏on👏lock👏👏👏

Does this make me closer to Big Bird?

I hope so.

I really want him to like me-as a friend. Because, yes, dick is dick. 

But also, ew.

Or will it make me crazy?

Heath Ledger crazy.

Fingers crossed I OD.

how did you end up being here

Love, we all want it.

Some more than others.

I'll be lucky if I ever experience it again with someone.

I wish I had a way of knowing whether you read my message request. I unmatched you but I’ve been stuck on you ever since.

It hurts. It really does.

7/14/18 marks the day I knew, I had to let go of you.

I have been there for you and you have been there for me,virtually..for years now.

I spent all my feelings,tears,love,hopes,thoughts and most importantly, time on you.

Time told me you were so worth it to be spent on. But I guess this time it wasn’t worth it at all.

I will be leaving and you know that. I will be studying far away from you. And all I ask is just an hour to be spent with you before I leave and never get to see you again.

An hour to watch a movie together. An hour to just see you face to face. An hour to just see your smile. An hour to hear your adorable laugh. An hour to see your mesmerising eyes and thick lashes. An hour to feel the warmth of your long over due hug.

But even for just an hour. I still couldn’t have.

You were always so last minute. And even tho I hated it. I still love you despite everything.

You last minute love me and you last minute also tell me that you love someone else even better.

I get that you love her. I get that she will get jealous. I get that she’ll be hurt because we were together. Just Watching a movie. For just an hour. 

It’s not like we were going to kiss and all. I just wanted to hug you and I know you wanted to hug me too ever since before and you said so yourself.

and so I asked typing... “why isn’t it possible to watch a movie for an hour. It was going to be my first time actually having a conversation with you In real life. and plus, I’ll be leaving soon anyway.” I asked for an hour. Not an entire lifetime. Is that too much to ask?. He said “it’ll hurt her and I don’t want that to happen. Besides, It’s cheating” My anger started to rise up as I madly typed “are you even together?” He typed back saying “No, we aren’t. but she’ll be jealous and will tend to overthink. She’ll get hurt too and you know I don’t want that.”

I was screaming inside. I was screaming and asking you silently on how could you not notice that you‘re hurting ME.

I’m tired. I ended everything today. I just didn‘t want anything to deal with if he’s in it. It’s like I gave him my heart and he‘s just stabbing it with words he doesn’t know that hurts and trying to heal it with band aids by being sweet and sympathetic. It’s no use. I know that now. and I’m so stupid to ever hope you would choose me over her. I love you and I know that you know I always will. But this has to stop.

It turns out there is such a thing as somebody to be perfect. You. You are perfect to me. You are the most perfect regret that I have ever made in my life so far.

I‘ll see you soon V.C. But, hopefully..without the broken heart and the tears involved. Goodluck.




Girl, this food, girl?

This food is for brunch with 13 mimosas.

A light breeze under a tented table wit The Gays™.

The air is filled only of obessions with Chris Pratt, whose dicks we're gonna suck this weekend, and counting our noticeable bones!

And giiiirrrrrl?

Oh, gurl.

After downing about 7 more mimosas, we carpool in our subaras to go to steam yoga while blasting Ariana Grande.

Maybe nibble on some graham crackers

Gotta watch those waists, girls!

You’re my valentine in the summer.