You know what? I've had it.

I appreciate waiting, I don't believe in shallow relationships or kissing a dude you just met. I'm patient, I want it to be right, with someone who loves me and I love.

But dammit, you start to want it. Want a guy to casually kiss you, to whisper in your ear, I never know what they're whispering. Want a first kiss, a pair of eyes on you shining...

But I know me.

I'll just keep waiting

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Unfortunately it can take a couple shallow relationships to make you recognize when a real one comes along. I had relationships I thought were legitimate until I got out of them, and now that I'm with a man who honestly cherishes me, I see how shallow the previous ones were.

  • Daniela
one year ago

I can soooo relate to this. It's the same thing with me. I don't mind dancing with guys on parties but as soon as they want more I go. Even if I'm completely drunk. I just don't want it and at the Same Time I want it so badly to happen!:/

  • positivelynegative
one year ago

This is so relatable. This is me.

  • Mdesires
one year ago

To wait for something great isn't bad or wrong

You want the best kind of love that's no wrong

Good luck

  • Cego
11 months ago

THIS! (is so totally and exactly what is happening to me).

I kind of said f*** this and did exactly that with my first kiss, just chose a random guy whose name I don't even know because I was sick of waiting and to tell you the truth it kind of sucked. So, after that experience I guess I'm stuck waiting for the right person for everything else...

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