The saddest stories of unrequited love are the ones that I didn't even try

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  • S
11 months ago


  • The girl who wanted love
11 months ago

I could only give you one word of advice. Try. Go for it. This year I did something that I never even thought I would have the guts to do- i truly showed my feelings to the person that I liked. It was scary. It was terrifying... and ... nothing worked out. It hurt. It hurt like hell to know that no matter how much you liked that person, no matter how much you showered them with affection- they would not feel the same way about you. And frankly, they wouldn't want you to like them that much anyways.

But as I look back on it- I wouldn't regret it one bit. Of course I wish I got my happy ending, but I know that atleast I tried. I took a step forward. And look, my story ends this way ... but you never know what could happen to you. Maybe something magical can happen.

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

This is true.

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