I'm depressed and i've been diagnosed with it since I was 14. I'm drunk right now and tht's the only way i've been surviving the past few weeks. This isn't a letter to anyone else but it's a letter to smyself.

I'm proud of myself for getting through endless nights of crying rivers.

I'm proud of myself for overcoming things that seemed too great to conquer.

There's more to life than sadness and I am certain of it.

This is also a letter to you.

Whatever you're going through, I know you'll make it. You are worth more than all the people and experiences that have broken your heart.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Thank you so much. & keep on being you

  • Echidtjof
2 months ago

Thank you.

  • ?
one month ago

You can do this! We all can :)

& i know you will... 💛 everything will always be alright

  • anonymous lover
one month ago


  • anonymous lover
one month ago

i love this

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Hey this is really beautiful and just what I needed to hear ❤️ Thank you for being you

  • Clark
27 days ago

Thanks a lot. Needed to hear this rn. :)

  • z
10 days ago

God loves you

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