Every so often our paths cross, and it shakes my world. In those brief moments, when our eyes do meet, I feel a strong connection on so many levels. It's a feeling I have never felt before, and It makes me question the relationship I'm in now. Month's go by and those feelings subside. But then our paths cross once more, and there you are with those stupid eyes.

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  • Rantings of a woman in love
4 months ago

❤ this letter. Stupid eyes,lol. You just made my day. Well thats a first☺. Hope you tell stupid eyes to stop being stupid with their eyes will you.☺

  • DSinger
4 months ago

Same thing is happening to me! Its insaine!

  • anonymous lover
3 months ago

s a m e

  • anonymous lover
3 months ago

same. same same same.

  • Kanj
2 months ago

Same thing has been happening to me omg :(

  • Deine
one month ago

me too. I'm happy with my relationship rn but at the same time sad cause we're not happening.

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