As Humbling love by John Klemmer plays in the background we slow dance under the moonlight, as I have your arm on my shoulder and I have my arms around your shoulder. 

I grab your other hand, and try not to step on your toes. I spin you around with my eyes closed. 

Then when it's time to say goodbye, I'll slowly grab you by the waist, and pull your body closer to mine. 

Then I'll look into your gorgeous brown eyes and I'll look at your lips as I gently bite mine. 

Then I'll look into those eyes of your again, as I gently grab your angelic face, and slowly lean in and kiss you, I can feel the union of those soft lips against mine. 

A taste so yummy and pure. A touch so soft and delicate. I know your lips are made for me, cause your lips and my lips are perfectly symmetrical to each other.

Just that one kiss, I swear... no man can kiss you the way I would. 

I want you for always-days, years, eternities

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