I need to get over him. I need to get over his beautiful laugh and his bubbly personality, and just how genuine he is around everyone makes my heart hurt. He's so passionate about great films and old music and his voice is as wonderful as his laughter and I wish so bad that he would actually like me back.

He's the one I've been waiting for, I'm sure of it but he'll never fall for me, the fool who stumbles over her words and lets the silence hang in the air between us. I'm the ugly, quiet girl who writes her stupid feelings out on ltc just to get things off her chest.

He's something else entirely and I know he's fallen for another girl. Someone who is more than I could ever be and I'm so happy for her because she deserves a guy like him. They have conversations about their favourite movies and cute arguments over trivial things. I wish that could've been us.


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  • sad face
11 months ago

im sad tooo bubbly people so far away so far to reach never gonna befriend... :'(

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

this feels all too familiar why are boys with great film taste sO SKJASKA

  • OP
10 months ago

oh my goodness! I feel ya! he's introduced me to some amazing movies and it's cute when he talks about them :)

  • t
10 months ago

my heart hurts too! maybe i'm not just the right girl for him and it's making me really sad :( hang in there! *gives you a virtual hug*

  • OP
10 months ago

xoxo awh don't be sad t. that's just how things go (unfortunately for us) you know what! i'm just glad to have met a soul as wonderful as his and you'll meet someone who feels the same way about you like you feel about ur crush now.

Here's to moving on and meeting new people~

  • vaeh
10 months ago

this is so true, i feel the same. sorry bout tht

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