My mom is learning what a healthy relationship looks like by watching me and my boyfriend. She recently got out of a terrible, 20-year-long abusive marriage. She asks me questions like: "How do you know he's the one?" and "Is it scary?" and "Is that a stupid question?" It breaks my heart.

We have to work out, if only to show my mom what love looks like.

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  • anonymous lover
17 days ago

This is sweet.

  • anonymous lover
16 days ago

Even if it doesn't work out, you can still show her what love looks like.

  • LvH
16 days ago

I agree with the previous commenter, it doesn't have to work out for you to show her what a healthy relationship looks like. I appreciate the sentiment behind it, but please don't put that kind of pressure on yourself! It's unfair to you and your partner and to your mother as well. Good luck for all of you!

  • lovebud
16 days ago

This is my life!! I do not have my own relationship, but my mother just left my dad after 20 years. Their separation has shown me what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like: not theirs. How your relationship with your boyfriend will end does not determine the success of your mother's future relationships.

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