There is always that girl, or person in your life that got away, and you think about them at random periods throughout the week, month, year, and life. They were very extraordinary and amazing and made you feel great things. Almost as if they were not real. They seemed like, the one. But at the end, you realize they left your life and were not, the one. But oh, how you wished they were, and you just cant seem to forget them. They are simply not forgettable. Anyone else has experienced that?

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Yeah, i believe everyone has experienced "the one that got away". It's a lot more common than you think.

It's sort of like the world giving you a preview of meeting someone special. In my case, she was just a preview, she didn't stay in my life.

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Yes. Everyone has that one person that they can never forget. Unfortunately, the person who I wish I could forget will always be in the back of my mind, and it doesn’t even make sense in my case. I never got the opportunity to really, really get to know them.

  • anonymous lover
29 days ago

Yes. Currently in the aftermath of that scenario.

  • anonymous lover
28 days ago

yeah. feeling it now.

  • anonymous
28 days ago

I've never experienced that before. I've had deep crushes (never had a boyfriend ever haha) on many guys in the past, but when I move on, I simply learn to forget the feelings I've had for them. I do remember the guys and the memories shared with them, but I don't remember the feelings anymore haha.

Though at present, there's this one person I can't seem to get over yet. I've been trying to move on since February this year. But no luck so far. It's distracting.

  • piloow
28 days ago

ME! ME! MEEEE!!!!! :(

  • mm
28 days ago

I have the same experience sorta. Although, I see him around, he is very unattainable to me. It gets on my nerves and breaks my heart. I like him but its hard loving a ghost. I think about him everyday.

  • Nani Garringer
28 days ago

I agree with that because i know this girl named Izzy Slick and today i saw her walking like a diva with her water bottle in her hand and walking toward (you) him like if she owned him( you) but she doesn't and just to you similing at her as if she was your only and true love hurt and hurts me to see you guys almost matching and we're all onlt still in the 8th grade middle school and this year we will all be going to a different hogh school meaning HSE or FHS F meaning Fishers High School and the fact that you are going to HSE and not Fishers hurts me really reasly bad and still have so much to tell you like how i feel that the same steps and same things are repeating like it they did last uear in the 7th grade when i used to like this an 8th grader when we were just 7th graders and i don't want the SAME EXACT THINGS/STEPS TO HAPPEN AGAIN i love you babe

I love you Gaige Lloyd, Charlie Smith,Caleb Pruitt,Max, and last but NOT LEAST😍Nolan❤️😘✌🏼

Now the true question is Do You LOVE ME? Please just tell me or give a "good" sign

  • Someone
27 days ago



Not sure I can love anyone again- but I’m trying (I’m still good friends with them too)

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