She’s the one 

She‘s the one they all speak of. The woman every man wants.

She‘s the one who is sweet and caring. Not just with her words, but also with her actions.

She’s the one who is loyal. I’ve been dirt broke and I’ve been piss poor. I’ve been sick for months yet she still stuck it out with me and helped me rise.

She’s the one who denied every move other man made on her. Richer ones, better looking ones, taller ones, but she still saw me as her one and only king.

She’s the one who cooks my favorite meals, buys me thoughtful birthday gifts, kisses me everytime she gets a chance and is a Goddess in the bedroom.

She’s the one my mom adores and my dad loves as his daughter in law. A woman so respectful and modest, yet so strong in her femininity and beauty.

She’s the one who is mine, and mine alone. My darling and my own angel. A woman who was always there with me during the darkest times in my life, now she’s with me reaping the rewards of the joy and light times.

Brown eyes, brunette hair, a beautiful body with delicious curves, I never knew God could create such spectacles. She makes biology look so good with her beauty and the chemistry she carries so holy.

I am blessed, and I kiss her forehead everyday.

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Chem, is that you?

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Who’s Chem?

  • Nvm
one month ago

A popular writer on this site.

Anyway, your girl is extremely lucky to have someone like you in her life.

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Oh. I think I’m lucky :)

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Stop hurting me

  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

Lucky you two

  • LH
13 days ago

I get that you mean this to be a highly complimentary letter about your partner, but the paternalistic and sexist vibes coming off this letter chill me to the bone. "She still saw me as her one and only king", really? Please take a long and hard look at yourself and the way you view relationships and the world and people around you.

Also, 'brunette hair' is not a thing. Someone can be 'a brunette', but her hair is brown.

  • ^
12 days ago

I think you’re just triggered. The letter seems adorable and the writer clearly loves this woman a lot.

Stop implying such things about the letter. Your subjective interpretation is not the intention of this letter.

Writer, your lady is very lucky to have you as her lover/husband. This letter is beautiful.

  • positively negative
11 days ago

Love this. So beautiful

  • Ro
9 days ago

Don’t deem this sexist. Guys and girls think differently and have different ways of expressing themselves. I think the author has good intentions behind his words. Happy for both of them! And wish you all the best!

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