When I really think about it, i've been left on read for over two years and counting lmao. What am I doing.

I just re-read our email conversation about homework. It's weird that you, only about a mile from me right now, are completely oblivious to my feelings for you. I don't want them to die, I want to know you. Who are you? You make me crazy. Do you even know I like you?

goddamn it why can't I delete your text messages

Good night, sleep tight. No more tears. In the morning I'll be here. And when we say goodnight, dry your eyes. Because we said goonight, and not goodbye. We said goonight and not goodbye.

My type is someone who is kind, friendly, responsible, and intelligent. You are perfectly matched with these boxes, and I love everything about you. I want to get to know you more. I've liked you for three years, but is it liking, or do I love you? I have so many questions, and I think you are the answer. I want you to know how much I like you.

Did I saw you today at night?

Sometimes I have to remind myself that you're human, and you're not perfect. I love that. I can't think of anyone who would find you unlike-able.

my heart still drops when I think about what we could've been.

The thought of you makes me happy. It gives me a reason to be happy in this insane world. Thank you for all the awesome things you don't even know you did.

I've been missing you so much.