Whatever. I hope you're both happy together.

And guess what, I don't feel so pathetic. At least I am real, what I had for you was real. It's only that I never wanted to hurt anyone, including myself.

Wait. It doesn't matter. not anymore.

And just like that, I've unblocked you from social media, and just like that the only thing I feel that I haven't let go of is regret, but I feel even that has changed, and just like that I'm not thinking of payback, or how much hurt you've caused me, i keep an eye to make sure you didn't go through with your ultimate plan, and im glad that we're not in each other's worlds any more.

From London with Love.


Please, I’m begging you. Give me back my heart if you don’t want it.

Are you a dream walker?

please help me. i dont know what's wrong. my partner is suddenly emotionally distant and irritable. ive been asking them to tell me what's wrong but nothing. please. it hurts. it really hurts

days, months into years from now, these feelings of mine will still live on and my heart will always remember you, even when I know that you probably won’t even remember me at all.

I didn't think I liked this guy, and yet here I am two hours later still crying my eyes out. Damn, I really played myself...

”It’s heartbreak season,” she told me. With tears drenching my cheeks, I thought that at least I was not alone.

I'm having problems at home. And sometimes I'm not sure if what I'm believing is right or if I'm being manipulated into believing it's right. So I keep asking my boyfriend, "Normal or not normal?"

Tonight we were Skyping. I was telling him a story from when I got in trouble as a child. The phone was pointed away from his face, and he kept making small noises, so I thought he was laughing. But when he pointed it back to his face, he had an expression of utmost horror. I have never ever ever seen him look like that.

"Normal or not normal?" I asked, but I already knew the answer. He looked like he was in pain for me.