A small rant:

“So are you seeing anyone?”

“Get a boyfriend already!”

“I want grandchildren!”

All of these coming from relatives and my parents who have ALSO told me, my whole life, to focus on my studies and job-seeking and pretty much ANYTHING BUT a love or social life.

Oh okay, so NOW you expect me to be good at dating and mingling with people or going out and making friends?

I guess it’s kinda like how employers won’t hire you unless you have work experience first?

Wish I had spent more time breaking the rules when I was younger.

Sorry mom and dad, you’re not getting any grandchildren from me.

—23 year old who hasn’t dated anyone properly and will probably end up alone

Stop texting me

You know what you're doing you butt

- Olivia


our lifestyles are so different we would have never worked anyway. This should make it easier for me to learn to stop loving You.

I've never felt more vulnerable looking into your eyes.

I really like you M.T. , i wanna kiss you again and i want us to be together.


Here I am, writing letters to a girl who doesn't exist in my life yet, wishing that she'll descend on me like some cat. But what if she's already slipped past me?

I could have walked past her today on my way to the gym.

She could have sat next to me on the bus last night.

I could've been sitting 3 rows down from her in my early morning physics class, not seeing her through heavy lidded, bleary eyes and the wash of 500 different faces that came through that lecture hall in just that hour.

She could've seen me at one of the 50 different times I've performed my music, or seen me onstage as I pretended to be someone else. Or maybe it was I who saw her onstage, singing, acting, or dancing like some kind of heavenly being.

Maybe I've just missed her, walking into a building as she's walked out, got on a bus just as she walked up, dropped a class that she was taking. I imagine Fate gazing through its looking glass and cackling as we cross within meters of each other and never know it.

But someday we will. Someday I will come across my princess and know it...and she'll be the one rescuing me.


I still got a lot of shit to learn. I’ll admit it

The Chem Prince

"running away from you takes time and pain and I don't even want to"

You once said yellow was your favorite color and now I can barely stand it

Everything about you is impossible to describe