one of our classmates told us that it looks like we might have a thing going on and that's so ???????

- ella

There might be a lot of power in the emotions shared today. I've tried to let you know what's going on without oversharing the details, since this isn't me, this time. My armor is rusting out, now. I need to sit and have a few moments to feel what I feel. I'll set a timer later and then put the feelings away again. I know you're going to be in your own place of loss. Maybe the whole world will feel it. Maybe only I will. Whatever else is happening, just hold on to the present joys you have. It'll be a little bumpy, here. Have a good night.


Buddy Holly,

Is it too late?

I miss you terribly.

Today is definitely not a good day for talking.

I hope she will always be surrounded by people who treat her right and love her no matter what.



I'm too young to get married, to have kids, to settle down with anyone. I know that very well now. There's a lot of growing I need to do. And You needed someone at your level. I need someone who's figuring out life just like me.

But I still have to do my best to get over these feelings for You.

Of course my dream had something to do with you.

Neither were you