I wish you were home, dear. But I pray for your safety, oh so far away. 21 more days until the river gives you back to me. Even if it is just for two weeks, it will be enough until your next hitch. So until then, tread carefully. Pray constantly. Be kind to your crew mates. Dream sweet dreams. And come home to me, healthy and whole.



I found what you'd left for me at our place. I was late and wasn't expecting it to be there but it was! :)

Pinky swear or not, but you already covered so many things in Fyi note today. It was re-assuring. Thanks :)


you know what, go destroy your life for all I care. I did everything in my power to help you, even after you completely screwed me over, and not once. I cleaned your house and dragged you to bed when you were too drunk to move. and then when you decided on recovery, I paid for your therapy, I helped you out of your abusive relationship, I paid for your medical insurance, I cleaned up your puke and made sure you took your meds. and now what? only to drag me back down into the same shit, only worse? only to blame me when I have work to do or exams to take. I loved you. I really did. but that doesn’t mean it’s my job to take care of you and I have to take it when you abuse me verbally or physically. nor does it make it okay when you apologize for being too drunk to realize what in the hell you were doing. so call me all you want, leave me all the voicemails you want. I’m done with your shit. I’m done helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I’m done helping someone who screws up only because they know I’ll be there to clean up their mess. 

Sorry but you can only blame yourself. Your walls are too high, you push people away and you never admit to anyone that you like them even when its obvious you do. I don’t like seeing you suffer. You deserve the best and I believe you will find someone great but you have to try! stop caring so much about what others think. You’re beautiful...be brave friend.

Soduko and glitter never mix

But I should drink more water



Look over here.


I'm over the boy I had a crush on all of last semester, except on the rare occasions when I see him or his snapchat stories or his instagram posts or someone mentions him or or or

We made eye contact numerous times today across the lecture hall and you smiled at me every time.

We've had multiple classes together this year but never talked. All we ever do is smile at one another.

I don't know how to make a move.

أحبك. وأسنانك مثالية حقاً.


If you could just tell me one song you used to play for me, then I’ll believe you.


if we never see each other again after this school year ends, i want you to know that i’ll never forget the moment i realized how insanely in love with you i am. i’ll never forget the way you made me feel with a single glance. i’ll never forget the times when you made me angry, but i could never stay away from you for more than 5 minutes. i won’t forget all the meaningful eye contact we had and how even though we weren’t talking it felt like we were. i won’t forget you. even if i move on to someone new i won’t forget you. you’ll forever be in my mind, my unrequited crush. and i won’t forget how much of a coward i am to never tell you how i felt despite seeing all of the signs that you just might like me too. i’m sorry i keep doubting you, because i don’t believe in myself. i can never accept that life just might be giving me happiness because it has always been a trick in the past. but i hope i can see you again so we can start what we could’ve had. even if i’d be much too late and you wouldn’t want me, then that’s okay, i’ll back off. it’s my fault in the end.