You jokingly ask me if I've been "cheating on you," even though we couldn't be further apart from dating. But, no I haven't cheated on you. I fully expect to retunow few months from now and have you "cheating on me," and that thought hurts. Yes, it's out of my control right now, but I'm waiting for you even though I doubt that you're doing the same.

I hope I get over you fast because yesterday can't keep happening. Having no classes with you I think will help...hopefully :(

I know this is silly but remember the time I sent you that funny video of the fat round wild animals?😂 I've been thinking about it. It made me laugh so hard. It made me happy that it made you laugh.

Please dont pity me. Dont pity what Im going through. Its not what I want nor is it what I need from you.

If I would wish for anything. I would wish for your love. For you to love me.

There is nothing so painful like beating an already dead horse down. Even when I try to make myself forget you, I cant and I know that seeing you always brings the feelings back even more. 

This is so messed up.

I hate being this way

Rantings of a woman in love

As if I were stepping onto a tree branch, with my arms extended on either side of me, in the middle of a downpour, I take another dare. If anything "more" is in store for me, maybe I'll make it out to the edge without falling. If not, perhaps I'll just fall, and that will be the end. Dare me to do something, and maybe it'll be amazing. Or maybe it'll just end. Either way, it'll be something different. As I close in on the end, I hold my breath, and take another step.


I literally wonder freaking constantly if I didn't screw everything up would it have worked out? Like who tf knows man.

Yesterday, I initiated to take a step out of my comfort zone. Later I realized how many people actually wanted to get to know me in person. Especially, men! I was enjoying time with myself at the lake. It was amazing. However, I am an anti-social woman. When I saw those men trying to get themselves noticed I freaked out internally. Is that a problem? I don't know. I just like my alone time and I am anti-social.


Take it back take it way back take it way way back to the first black man. Long ago before the white man could paint the black man with a gun in his hand. 

Take it back take it way back take it way way back to the first white man. At the very moment when he looked around and said "fuck it imma steal this land." 

Thank you for making me feel thought about. Throughout the fleeting moments in which I got to know you, you changed my life. No hard feelings, some things just aren't "forever" things. X

I was watching the news and they showed a car which had the number plate: CM (my crushes initials) 290 AP (my initials).... and now I'm thinking its a sign from the universe

I like you though you're really funny ☹️