This thing I have for you just won’t go away and I’ve never been more sad.

I thought it was only a crush and that it would go away, but no. Your smile makes my knees go weak and I completely lose it when you laugh and sometimes I'll just stop and stare at you and smile like an idiot and you'll ask me "what?" and I'll go all red and say "oh, nothing" and I'm really sad when you're sad and even though I hate hugs, I can't seem to get enough of yours and I feel so comfortable sharing my dark and twisty secrets with you and UGH I HATE YOU

I write under a lot of nicknames, to a lot of people who have impacted me in one way or another. I usually use the nickname they call/called me with the letters which I write about them. So this way, if they come across it, I know they'll know.

But with you, it's different. I want to use your name, because if there is even a remote chance that you like me back, I secretly want you to find out and make your move. But I don't wanna tell you, because if you don't like me, that might screw up our friendship. And I really love our friendship.

I'm fucked, aren't I?

-the girl with the Stairway to Heaven tattoo


Remember what your name means. You'll pull through everything. And you always have my shoulder to cry on, if it gets too rough.

I'd like to drop the L word - but I won't, even though you probably have no idea what this site even is, but I respect that we've known each other for a not so long time, and that you probably don't like me as anything more than a friend.

So, take care. And let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

-the dark and twisty girl

Hello to my future crush,

I want us to get along well. Don't skip breakfast, drink lots of water, and remember that you are an amazing person. ❤

i seem to like u a lot but i like others to. i don't want to hurt anyone at all. i keep y options open but do i really. Do u like me? its confusing for me.

sighned- Gemi and ni

The type of music you listen with your special someone while y’all dance. ;)

The Chem Prince

I know you have to go, but it's so sad 😭

I think she likes me.

She is also talking to other guys too.

Should that stop me from asking her out?