You were never worth it.

No one is worth pining over. Not me, not you, not the president (especially not the president), not your favorite musician or actor or author, not the guy or girl next door or the person that let their gaze linger a little too long. No one is worth pining over. The amount of time spent calculating and deciphering and ruminating over the maybe’s and could have’s and should have’s could be invested in the most important person in your life: YOU. Invest that time into bettering yourself and the right person will come along whom you don’t have to pine over. They will invest as much into you as you are willing to invest in them and you can spend time focusing on the things that actually make a difference.

I want to see you everyday. I know, we all need time to ourselves, but all I keep thinking about is when I can see you next. I have to restrain myself because they say the longer you spend time apart, the more one misses one another. I want you to miss me as bad as I miss you right now.

He is with girl.




... and then, I had to move on... live on. I had to breathe because I had other people in my life who wanted to see me alive, unlike him who didn't bother my existence.

I see you with new girls everyday, I question my own worth, unable to understand where I lost you? At which point? Why could I not sustain your interest?

Finding my own flaws to woo you if I get a lucky second chance, just in case you lose interest in your newest girl.

I wonder why you can't love? Am I so hard to love?

You, me, and a large pineapple pizza. Together, we could take anything the voices in our heads tell us.


The farther you are, the more my heart aches.

dear aldwyn,

i'd say it to ur face if i could.

happy birthday sweetheart.

when ur at that point in life when you and ur ex are closer than u and ur bf...

Why would someone who wants attention running away from a pairs of prying eyes? Since the desire called "craving for attention" is attitude that frown upon by so many so called progressive people especially the youth. And yes, i do aware of the pitfalls of this desire, but I guess be invincible is easy and more acceptable than being in fully form. This refresh way of thinking doesn't even make sense at all. But oh no! It's a nature order so you have to do it anyway.