I would have loved for us to love each other.

I was certain (well, 80% certain) that we'd work out, at least for a good amount of time. And maybe that was the problem, maybe that's why I said no to trying. Because eventually it'd end, or last forever, and I was afraid of the concept of both.

I knew that by basically asking you out there was a tiny chance you’d say yes.

And if you’d said yes, that would have triggered a series of events that would have put my career in utter disarray, and that would have made everyone I know think I was insane.

So I say this with the perspective that time affords: you were totally worth those risks.

What is it like to be in love? What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone?

My feelings for you are not as strong as they were 3 months ago. I'm not as scared anymore. I do think of you, but my heart does not race like before. I was able to rest and relax in peace. I was able to fully recover from that night you found out.

But now I look to the few weeks ahead. The weeks until school starts again. The weeks until...I see you again.

And I know I will. My heart will beat faster. I will start to get nervous. I will turn and walk the other way, but I will still look back and see you. And I know I will find myself in the same position I was in 3 months ago. I will still be the girl that could not find the courage to walk up to you and say hi. I will still be the shy little girl that gets nervous around any guy. I will still be the girl that could not keep her feelings in check.

I know that me not seeing you for this long only temporarily suppressed my feelings. I just hope that I do not see you as much. Yet at the same time, I still want to see you. I still want to talk to you. I still want to be able to work with you. I still want to at least try to be what I could not be last time: a classmate and a friend. Maybe when school starts again, we could...try again. If it's okay with you. As for me, I can only hope.

I hope that what happened would not make things awkward. However, knowing me, I am pretty sure I blew any chance I had at becoming friends with you.

Gosh, why is this so complicated?

- MidnightBlueSnowflake

Its hard to consider we might not end up together. If you're not for me not even forcing it will make it come true. But it also comforts me to know if you are for me, no matter how much I mess up, we'll find each other.

How do I get him out of my heart ?

Btw he’s my best friend

I can’t explain it.

But they should. They really should be able to explain it.

There’s just something about you.

Then they should be able to say what that something is.

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one.

It was destiny.

You just do something to me, you make me feel something.

I can’t explain why I love you, I just do.

Could you imagine if life worked that way?!

The players take the field, the ref flips a coin and points to the winning team. I just knew when you guys took the field, you were the winners.

A company pops up out of obscurity with no background, no license, no verifiable experience, nothing to prove their legitimacy as an organization. Sweetheart, I invested our life savings into this company on a hunch. I can’t explain it.

A young girl shows up to interview for the babysitter position. Tell the other applicants we have found the one. I don’t know what it is about her.

I can’t help my insecurity. You’re all I have. But I’m just one of many.

My fears eat me up. Maybe you found someone better. Someone worth your time..