you made me happy.

Nobody's perfect We are all humans with Feelings and Tons of issues

I wish I could stop.

I am feeling weird this morning

Emotions boiling up inside of me

But I need to say this

I am looking forward to the day when your family looks on at you with love and pride as you enter the stage to receive your Phd

I know I won't be there when it happens but I am already seeing it happening in my minds eye

All these trying years you have gone through

Perservering in all that you are doing

I am proud of you my love

For all that you have gone through and conquered

I am proud of you and

I love you so much

🍹Heres to the last strech of kms

🍸Heres to your prosperity, abundance, peace, long happy life and joy

Prof 😎

I love you Tony


Rantings of a woman in love

I still long for you.


I want to believe you care, but I’m starting to think you don’t give a damn.

i fall for people who are in love with ghosts and i don't know how to break out of this cycle

you're driving me crazy

i think it’s a good thing you rejected me. I doubt it would’ve worked out

Awesome advice for people in their 20s, but, honestly, this is awesome advice for anyone.