I will make you pay.

i wish you'd message me more.

you said i could ask you anything about yourself. but.

how? when we can't even make a proper conversations.

you never try to make our convos long.

it's just like, you never cared about me.

we used to talk every night. and i missed it.

our interactions and all. i missed you.

- s.

How do I erase my letters?


I need You, I want to know You

You were the one who had a crush on me but I'm sorry I broke your heart ;( I never meant to break it.

I'm fucked.

I need the police.


I want to talk to you & I don't know what to say. I'm trying though. I just wish I could tell you the whole truth.


I don't know if any of you guys believe in God or prayer... but someone I love is dying and I would really appreciate prayers right about now

I feel so used.