I wish i didn't love you, it's such a helpless feeling...

Please Universe, let me see her again

Please Universe, let me see her again

if i didn't know any better i'd swear that smile was just for me

Let me resurrect that lost innocence that other men have taken for granted and destroyed.  I’ll teach you where to go from here as I lead you in this dance. 

For you I will script a poem with similes that are so sincere showing you the beautiful holy imagery that you carry behind that fake smile that you’ve worn too many times. 

When you think I’m not looking I can see your mascara tears streaming down the sculpted ice heart that you carry, who other men collided with and sank like the titanic. 

Let me hold you tight and melt your core and awaken the dancer in you that I yearn to release. Replace all the thorns that surround your soul with pedals of the brightest of red roses and sweet fragrances. 

I’m the only one that can hold your flaws and the beauty that you mangle and tell you that I love them just so you can see your halo.

The Chem Prince

I stay away from you because I know I would hurt you.

I caught you at your own flirting game, I guess. And for the first time in my life, I didn't want to play games. I wanted you. Your (pretty) face still looks like someone who played with fire and got, well, fire.

Yo me quede con su cara me quede con su alegria. Me fume sus palabras y ella se robo las mias.

You'll never know how difficult falling for you has been.

You probably think that it was a whim of mine, that I had the choice. That I made a choice. And that I do that all that time (no - first time ever).

But let me tell you that if it had been a matter of choice, I would have chosen my comfortable little life rather than the torment I've been through.

I'm just a guy who liked a girl and told her so.