Not a soul could help me.

He's going to ruin me and the only help apparently available is when it's too late.

So done. So over it.

I understand you're busy, I am too, and distance really isn't helping anything, but right now we have the opportunity to get to know each other and I can't do all the talking. If this summer meant anything to you, I need you to reach out to me.

Come back already I'm beginning to forget what your voice sounds like.

You'd better pray for a change of heart in me when you come here.

'Cause currently I'm pouring my feelings for you down the drain.

I like a boy so much that I wrote him a song... then another... and another.

Yes, I love him and he loves me back but it's not that simple, it's never gonna be that simple, pare.

Earlier I was waiting for my ride with my friends and D. Few minutes pass by and we're chilling inside our classroom. I found a pen on D's chair (me and D are classmates) and I put it in my pocket for shits and giggles.

That pen is sitting inside my uniform pocket inside my house, I'm not even sure if it's his. Hhh


I think I need a break from the world wide web for a while.

The sun had finally sinked into the ocean's horizon. Moonlight began to wink on the waves as the chill of the evening washed over the beach. Our group of acquaintances all huddled around a crackling fire pit, playing stupid fun games.

Somehow, you ended up sitting next to me on the sand. As he games continued, you tried to distract me from them. At one point you simply placed your hand on my knee, said nothing, and looked away. I was comfortably lying on my stomach, when I felt gentle massaging kneads ease away the tension in my back. You drew a small grid and we played tic-tac-toe in the sand.

So much of me wanted to be closer, lay a head on your shoulder or hold your hand. I didn't. But here we are slowly moving towards what seems to be something new.

now its confirmed. You really do like her. My heart is shattered and I need a good book to forget you