I wish I had the strength in me to unmatch you. I’m so sick of feeling like I’m not a priority to you.

I feel like we are similar in so many ways. I would've liked to get to know you better, even if it was just as friends.

So, back at work tomorrow. That means I'll again be within feet of you. That makes me nervous. I know I'm the one who suggested we at least start saying hi to each other again, but sorry if I try to avoid running into you, because you still totally stun me. Your beauty consumes me. I'm powerless in your mighty presence.

And, like, I have work to do.

I’m closing the door.

I’m finally ready to let you go

No strings

No more crying

No more pain

I think for the first time in at least 6 years (maybe more), I dont have a crush. Not saying that is good or bad, but it is certainly different.

I've been by myself my whole life, and at this point I really dont care if it stays that way.

I’d marry you tomorrow in a raincoat with bedhead.

~My Sun, Your Stars

Everything was in neat little boxes, and had been for a long time, before you came along. When I met you, it was like meeting life herself, in all her majesty. I was seeing life, smelling life, speaking with life. Looking into life's glowing, deep-blue eyes, looking into mine. What a mind-blowing, mythical encounter that was.

Question? is there a difference when someone says “love you” and “ I love you”

The guy I like for the first time ever told me he loved me but it was when he was leaving he said. “ yes I gotta go love you” and I’m not sure exactly what he meant.

I never really thought of this till it happened but is there a difference between the two phrases?

We are getting nowhere, hahaha. I'll still be waiting though, it's what I do ❤

I think my heart would burst if you wrote me back