I didn't have enough courage say anything, and now it is too late. This will always be my biggest regret.

This is me. And, this is you.

Separated by a period, not a comma, a semi-colon, or a hyphen. Part of the same narrative but never in the same sentence.

You don't know how much I wish for the period to disappear and become an "and". But that's how we'll always be, just a period. An end.

But one of these days, I will write it in the sand and hope that the sun has eyes and the trees have ears and with a prayer I will let the wind carry it away in hopes that it will someday reach you.

When it comes to you, its like that thing called *self control* just leaves my body instantly

Tired of falling for people because they are beautiful.

I'm ready to fall for someone because they are good.

You make me feel like I'm capable of being loved

we went to an amusement park today and went on tons of roller coasters and had an amazing time. When we were in one of the gift shops, I teased him about this nerdy little pikachu thing that he was looking at buying, and he joked back, "I hate you." Then, like a knee-jerk reaction, he blurted out, "Just kidding, I actually love you."

And then he got awkward and didn't make eye contact and kind of just let the comment go. And so I didn't say anything, and I let it go too.

...but now I know.

(I love you too. More than you could ever imagine.)

Now I remember.

I said "no". I said "please, stop", I said "I don't think I can do this again"...

It's all clear now. Just because I have feelings for you, doesn't mean it wasn't rape.

We had our first text fight last night, and this morning I woke up still furious and heartbroken. With not getting enough sleep and being cranky, I didn't even bother with breakfast.

He texted me five minutes before I was supposed to be leaving for work, saying "I got you breakfast. I'm leaving it on your porch now, just in case you're not ready to see me. I love you."

And I've never been so happy in my life.



yet we don't do anything about it.