but i'll probably sleep during uni lecture lol.

I don't think I'll ever meet with you again, because the universe hasn't wanted it up until now, but hey, if I ever do, would you have a coffee with me, and maybe catch up..?

I want you. I want your late night talks and your early morning yawns. I want to be the one you tell your heart to, the one you go to when you’re feeling down. I want to be your encourager. I want to hype you up, boost your self-esteem, tell you that you’re handsome. I want your mistakes and your faults. I want your flaws and your weaknesses. I want to show love to you when you don’t feel like showing love to yourself. If you fall, I want to be the one to pick you back up. I want your good and your bad. I want your joys and your sorrows. I want to be the one you talk about your plans with and all the dreams of your heart. I want to be the one who rubs your back when you’re stressed or to read you poetry and lull you to sleep. I want to be the one sitting in the passenger seat singing along to Chicken Fried at the top of our lungs. I want to be the one you send your favorite music to. I want to be your first thoughts in the mornings, and the one you dream about. I want to wipe away your tears. I want to hold you in my arms when you’re broken-hearted and I want to hold you together when you’re falling apart. I want to be the one you’re not afraid to double text because you know I always love hearing from you. I want to be the one you can give your weird conversations to. I want to be a source of your smiles. I want to be your thoughts when it’s 7am and you’re still waking up or when it’s 2pm and you’re doing something. I want to be your best friend. I want to be your partner in crime. I want to be the one you go to when you want advice. I want to be the person you want to hang out with every Friday night. I want to be your comforter, your safety net, your voice of wisdom, your second opinion, your bad joke dispenser. I want to be the one you are comfortable with. I want every side of you. I want your messes, I want your struggles, I want your descriptions of your day (even if it’s the same day over and over again). I want to be the one to help you shoulder your burdens. I want to be the one you go through life with. I want to be the one you love.

it’s amazing how comforting dogs are when we are in pain. My dog always know when I’m upset, and comes and lays her head on my chest and kisses my tears away. That is the kind of love I want to always feel. She knows I’m broken but still loves me.

the sky makes me emotional.

i know, i sound like your average, fake deep aspiring poet but, the sky makes me emotional.

sometimes i sit in the passenger seat and look out in front of me. i feel bad because i can't concentrate on my mom next to me when i'm too busy looking at the sun begin it's ritual of setting. the world turns into low lights and shadows. it's still clear as day but with a speckle, one could say.

it's the time when the light falls on your loved one's eyelashes and suddenly their brown eyes look green. hughes of deep blues and royal purples spill into the clouds and the trees are shadows.

i'm a romanticizer, and sometimes moments like these bring tears down my cheeks because the universe always seems to find a way to show that everything is going to be okay in the most simplistic form.

i may feel blue with a hint of green, but the clouds are pink, so everything must be okay? i want to love everything for the same reasons i love the sky. unexplainable, but pure.

my mother used to dream of making me a model. that dream was cut short when i got into a car accident-- and some years later, i lost her to cancer. 

in a few hours, i'll be walking down a runway in a sold-out show, in front of over a thousand people. 

i'll be modeling.

hope you're watching over me from above, mom. i'm fulfilling one of your dreams. 

hope you're proud of me. 


I used to look up at the stars and see you're name written in them. Like you were some kind of hero. And I wondered if it was possible to like someone that much.

Now, I look down at the dirt and see your face. You shouldn't mean anything to me anymore, yet somehow, even after you hurt me so much, I still see your face.

Whenever you see me your face gets all red and you break into a huge smile. I am 100% positive that I do the same thing.

I wish I knew a song as lovely as your voice


It’s very distracting. But also don’t go, you’re very attractive.