She insists that her eyes are brown. Her drivers license says brown. And in a typical setting, yes, I agree that they look a light brown. She swears by it.

But I live for the moments when she looks at me in just the right light, especially out in the sun, and suddenly her eyes are the brightest forest green I've ever seen in my life.

Not even forest green, really...almost an emerald. I've never been so captivated by anything than I am in those moments.

It's like she's my own secret Aphrodite.

You make breathing a conscious task

today a boy told me that the first time he heard my voice, he remembered what the piano sounded like in his mother's living room. I think I love him

You're a nerd. This doesn't come as a surprise; one of the first parties we met at, you described a great deal of organic chemistry to me. I was drunk and honestly it probably would have gone over my head even if I wasn't, but it was nice listening to your voice and the passion behind it. I loved listening to you speak, and I still do. The way it rises and falls, the way your hands flutter when your words can't quite explain the way you want them to, I could listen to it for forever.

Two days ago was the Fourth of July, and I'm so glad I spent it with you. I haven't cared much for fireworks since I was a kid; the noise tends to give me headaches and honestly it's pretty much the same show every year anyway.

This year? It wasn't the same.

Because I got to sit with a beautiful girl who watched the fireworks and couldn't wipe the grin from her face as she watched the sparks shower down from the sky. I sat and watched the girl who didn't take her eyes from the sky as she talked about which elements make the fireworks this or that color, who talked about the amount of math it takes to make the explosion delayed or for the sparks to fly as they do. I got to listen to your voice, rather than the booming of the sky.

You're a nerd. A chemistry nerd. Sometimes, I don't think I understand half of what you say, but that's okay; I'll listen to you forever if you'll let me. I hope that one day, when we kiss, I'll know what a firework feels.

when you kissed me, you tasted slightly of stale coffee.

i hate coffee.

i would have kissed you until the world burned up.

there are a lot of different kinds of heartbreak.

watching your parents get a divorce is pretty up there.

It's annoying that in order to start building a family and ur dream house complete with a water slide u first have to get a boy to like u

I ask for your heart with my eyes because my words are clumsy and strangled

The saddest stories of unrequited love are the ones that I didn't even try

mom: " was there anything romantic between you two? like, ever?"

me: the fuck do I sum this up